I've never seen so many movies in one sitting

Tokyo! Sushi three (or more) times a day!

Italy II: Sorrento and Rome


We said goodbye to the Hotel Colosseum the next morning, and good riddance to the world's slowest elevator there. Being that our room was on the 6th floor, every time we came and went from our room we cursed that elevator (and our laziness) as it could be up to 10 minutes before it decided to come back to your floor and pick you up. When we went down to the subway we had three Euros left, and the subway is €1 each. Lin-Wei got her ticket and went through the gate. I bought my ticket and the gate ignored it. Ahh! I tried again, and it beeped at me. Ahhh!! I tried another gate, and no luck! Frick frick frick! I took out the last Euro, gave it a good luck squeeze, and bought my ticket. Preparing to hop the gate, I shoved in the ticket, and (winking, perhaps?) the gate opened and I was in.

Back to our beautiful girls!
After that it was a train to the airport, a plane to Detroit (where we finally got to watch the Hangover plus three other movies) and a puddle jumper back to Green Bay where my dad picked us up. Getting back to my mother's house we got the full report on the kids, and peeked in on them sleeping. It was good to be home and we couldn't wait to give our girls big hugs the next morning. But we were extremely grateful to be able to have had two weeks of responsibility free fun. That would not be happening again for a good long time, and we definitely enjoyed it.

The End

Notes and Observation:
  1. Our last visit to Europe, I remember the constant rain and cold but this vacation, we were lucky, it only rained 1 day and 1 night. It was beautiful 70s and sunny
  2. I wished we had more time to visit Capri, I don't think we really asorbed it. I would like to go back but I don't know if we ever will
  3. I really missed my girls and I really enjoyed our daily updates from Al's mom
  4. I started to eat liguini with mussels for dinner but as the trip went on, I started to get more and more seafood risotto, mmmm, delicious, have to find a nice italian restaurant in Chicago to satisfy my craving of it.
  5. usually for lunch, I would eat pizza or pasta, in the evening, I eat fish and pasta
  6. I love the Appia way, it was really peaceful, I wish we could have hiked more than 8km, but as we approached the city, it got uglier
  7. I was bummed that alot of ruins in Rome were closed...I wonder if we'll ever go back.
  8. This is one of the few european trips that I did not go to a market
  9. After seeing my brother's picture of Florence and surrounding areas, I kind of want to visit there whereas I did not before, but I do not know when I'll get there...
  10. It was neat meeting up with my brother and wife and friends, we never really vacationed with any other people before.
  11. I don't know when we'll goto Europe again. Al said the next time we travel abroad will be to Asia...so on our 10 year anniversary, Japan? South Korea? Cambodia? Thailand?

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