I went to a house of mirrors while Al went up, it wasn't that interesting. I also saw the beginning of a Czech wedding

I knew Prague was touristy, but I didn't realize how touristy and that we were there at their height of tourist season...It was soooo crowded

Prague: Day 3

Hey, where'd everybody go... Oh, there you are!
Early risers get to see the sights of Prague on their own! After our daily meatgasm and coffee we got to the old town square by about 7am. It was totally empty. We were able to take pictures of the bridge, square, the old astronomical clock (built 500 years ago!), and the monument to Jan Hus, a "protestant" who fought the church 100 years before Martin Luther. The monument was kinda weird. It looked to me like a 100-foot tall green copper giant had taken a crap on the town square, and it shaped itself into this statue...

Prague "Little Quarter"

Prague had some weird replica of the Eiffel town on Petrin Hill in the Little Quarter. And...... wait for it....there was a funicular up to the top of the hill! Double awesome. I am down with the funicular, exhausted reader.

View of Prague Castle from the tower

Unfortunately you have to climb to the top of the tower, which I went at alone. Lin-Wei wasn't feeling up to it. Ha! I waited for it to open, but that wasn't fast enough for Lin-Wei, who blew up when she saw a large group of teenagers start to head up. The beast within forced me to the front of the line, so I made it up there first, and got some pictures of the surrounding area, including some pictures of the Prague Castle taken through the €1 telescope thing, and some pictures of the beast below.

When I climbed back down there was chocolate cake waiting for me. And all was forgotten upon bite after bite of chocolatey goodness.

Slowly moving through Prague

When we got back to the square it had erupted in tourists. Eruption! Contrast the picture of the clock this morning with the one now. Completely insane. All the streets around the square were just packed with tourists. The bridge had also found some new friends. It was very hard to move through those streets. So we took our tour back to New Town.

Fred and Ginger

Back in New Town it was somewhat interesting looking at the architecture, but mostly boring. We did stop to rest at a local park were we saw some guys peeing into the woods right in the open, and finishing up only seconds before some police officers drove through there.

One neat site was the Dancing House, nicknamed "Fred and Ginger". It was built by Frank Gehry of Guggenheim fame.

Back into old town, we saw that some of the Czech trees were weak, and had to be held up by crutches.

For dinner we found another Tapas place! Walking in, they spoke Czech to us, and we were confused. They switched to Spanish, however, and the asked, "Comida, si?" "Si", we replied, and were led to our table and given Spanish menus! Sheepishly we asked for English ones. The food was decent, but they forgot one of my dishes, and the waitress completely disappeared for almost thirty minutes. But we were resting, so that was OK I guess.

We got a few pictures of the square at night. Then I collapsed into the bed.

Time to go home and rest

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