We had to get one last look of "Europe" b/c we knew it be a long time before we came back b/c of our soon to be bundle of joy

I didn't cry, I only teared up


Building over the river

Our last day in Prague. Holy moley was I tired. This had been one taxing vacation. I really got worked. But we weren't done yet. After breakfast we took one last look at the Old Town Square, then over to the old Charles bridge, overlooking the river, in view of the fortress on the hill. Actually, something really weird happened on the bridge. As we crossed the street at the end of the bridge and started heading up it, I saw a guy with one arm. I remember thinking that that must really suck and I felt bad for him. We took some pictures of the castle, and looking back, I saw that that dude now had TWO arms! He was smoothing out his clothes and getting ready for something. Then, his right arm disappeared into his shirt, and he walked about five feet before he started pan-handling as a one-armed man! I was psyched to finally see one of the bridge scam artists that we had read so much about in the guidebook! I also wondered if he was able to use the hidden hand to pick people's pockets.

Hotel Klenotnika

Back at our hotel we checked out while the taxi driver that they called for us hit on the woman behind the desk. He whisked us to the airport where there was a little controversy concerning the lines at the check-in counter (the Eastern Europe was more relaxed about the line policy, which caused more stress in the passengers).

We had a layover in London, then the long flight back to Chicago. We had scored some killer seats due to the following: When checking in at the Prague airport, there had been some issue, and I was given a seat for the London flight to Chicago, but Lin-Wei was not. Weird. When boarding out flight in Prague the people at the gate also looked at our tickets with funny expressions. Weird.

Arriving in London, the line through security was ultra-long, but there was an express line used for premier travelers. I talked to the guy and said our layover was short, and my wife didn't have a seat yet, and he waved us through! We got to the British Air ticket counter in record time, and got seats in the front row, with lots and lots of leg room. Score!

Of course, it should be mentioned that it took forever to get from the ticket counter to the plane. We had to wait in the waiting area forever, while our plane was delayed. Then go down a very long hall to our gate room. But! That was not the gate room. We then walked down a winding pathway to a door. This door led to buses, which took us finally to our plane. Nice.

The flight guide said that they'd be showing Brokeback Mountain on the flight back, but for some "reason" that channel was not working today. Could it be because this flight was headed back to the US? I have my doubts about that channel actually being broken So I had to watch some Alaskian movie with Robin Williams instead. Lin-Wei watched Eight Below, and cried during the sad parts.

A ride home from Kris was once again much appreciated! One hour later we finally staggered over the doorstep, back to our home. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


About two months after we got back I got a nice letter from Hertz. In it they explained that they were notified by the Bertchesgarten police that I had been caught speeding by the speed camera, and I owed a fine of $19. So, yeah, I paid it. Whatever. I knew that flash of light was fishy! Leeeeeeon!

The End.


  1. I don't know why Al was complaining he was so tired during this vacation. Every afternoon, we rested at a pub for an hour or so or more and he had his beer and rested. Plus I think we did the same amount of walking as our other trips. He is just getting old. And....I was the pregnant one who supposed to have no energy and I survived.
  2. This is our last trip abroad for awhile, I will miss all the history, cute towns, and afternoon cafe/bars. Maybe when we return, there will be less smoking
  3. So I was very early in my pregnancy, and I got "morning sickness" pretty much all day long. I had NO IDEA that you can get so sick so early in the pregnancy. So anyone who wants to get pregnant, WAIT until after you return from your vacation.
  4. What I will always remember about this trip besides realizing I was pregnant was that it was cold and rainy and cloudy the whole time. It rained so much and it was record low temperature for Bavaria. Later in the summer, it was record heat in Germany, but it was record cold while we were there...figures
  5. For such a modern country, Bavaria restaurants still want cash and won't take credit cards.
  6. This vacation was less seeing history than our past trips to Europe and more seeing nature but we saw a lot of fortresses that were about 1000 years old.
  7. We saw a lot of markets in Germany, I love European markets. They have everything there: meats, veggies, cheese baked goods, etc... while in the US only veggies and baked goods

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