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Land of French Fries

Well, that doesn't make much sense, you say. But it does. No, seriously! Those travel agencies give you the hard sell on those aspects of Greece that they think the experienced, worldly traveler would want to enjoy:
  • For the historian, may we interest you in the birthplace of Western civilization, with the remains of many cities, temples, and fortresses?
  • For the relaxed vacationer (which, by the way, I will never have the pleasure of experiencing due to a certain wife I know), may we interest you in our numerous Mediterranean islands, with long stretches of beaches, with fishing, diving, and relaxation in one of the most peaceful places on Earth?
  • Or perhaps we can tempt your fancy with dish after dish after dish after god-awful dish of fried potatoes, often drenched in lemon, yet somehow still extremely dry, and may we offer you the same dish at your next meal?
Two weeks of this...
Those Greeks are C.R.A.Z.Y. for their French Fries. I mean, really. Every meal. Every meal. You want fish? Comes with a side of fries. How about some chicken? That happens to come with a side of fries. Maybe some beef is more to your liking. That comes with potatoes. Potatoes! "Excellent!" you say. Something different for a change. Then your steak arrives, with fried potatoes on the side. Dammit!

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. I know you are all dying to know what it was like to travel on Friday the 13th. There must be a bunch of interesting little tales about delays, getting lost, lost luggage, and what not. I'm sorry, to say, however, that it was all pretty routine, with no problems whatsoever.

And when we got to Greece, we got up every morning, saw some decent stuff, ate some food, and went to bed. And at the end of two weeks, we flew home, and when asked, replied that the trip was "Great!"

The End.

As if.

Aaron. Someday he'll pay...
When we were deciding if we wanted to go to Greece, we had lunch with our friend Aaron G. I wanted to go for a relaxing vacation, but the vocal minority was clamoring for Greece, it being a life-long dream travel destination. I voiced my reservations, mostly having to do with money, and Aaron, always supporting a fellow male friend, said, "Man, you're crazy. I'd go to Greece in a second, no matter what it cost. That trip would be awesome. Don't be stupid." I'm going to kill that guy someday. He also got engaged after dating his (now) wife for three months, while I was 2 years into dating Lin-Wei. That drew some stares and cold shoulders for a few days. Someday you'll pay, Aaron. Someday.

Wisconsin ended up winning the game!
So, of course it was then decided that we were going to Greece. We thought about another fall trip, but that would fall during our anniversary, and we were hoping to get to the MI - WI football game. So instead we chose May, and the way work schedules were arranged, we could go the last two weeks in May. May 13th to May 30th, to be exact. "Friday the 13th!", you exclaim.

Heck yeah! Who’s afraid to travel on Friday the 13th? Me? Naw... not really. I mean, maybe I thought about it a few times, in the middle of the night, but really, what’s to worry about? No, it is your fears, that you tried to place on me, which caused the heartburn. Yes, that’s the ticket.

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